I paid 48 dollars! (Why we’re all here.)

Well, the bullet has been bitten. I have spent $48 dollars so that I may have a pretty little sight domain, no unsightly “.wordpress” anywhere in sight! This is, perhaps, a sign that I actually want to brand myself, and that there is still a fire within me… A small, but quite attractive, purple flame in a badly ventilated area.

I hope you enjoy my musings! I plan to use the “blogging” aspects of this website to write what I cannot publish with culture sites. I’ve definitely pushed the envelope in the past. Living Life Fearless let me write about a sixties movie musical short with Anthony Perkins, all about people living in a department store – ahem, ahem, Evening Primrose. Our Culture Mag lets me write about the crazy movies I watch – and love – like The Ruling Class. #INSINNUENDOES

In spite of the generosity received from colleagues, there is still much, much more I want to share. I want to write about my hardest days as a depressed, anxious, and very single woman. I want to talk to you about my deepest loves, usually men who are fictional, old, or dead.

Let’s hash out ideas together! I’ll tell you stories and you, in turn, will show some interest in my thoughts. Sound good? It’s sounds great to me. Prepare yourself for…

  • a “first love” reveal
  • adventures in therapy
  • crafty ideas
  • weird story premises

Those blog posts will be coming soon, so get ready! It’s all comin’ atcha.

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