That time I broke a promise for over a month… (The Phantom of the Dopamine)

You might recall that I promised you, reader, and myself that I would write a blog post every single day.

Well, we all knew that was a bit of B.S. Actually more than a bit. It was about 40 days of bullshit. 40 days! How biblical.

To continue the Noah’s arc parallel, allow me to grant you this covenantal rainbow: I promise, I will flood the earth again with my ranting blog posts. No promises about the every day thing, though. We’re cutting that part from the covenant.

So, how was your Christmas? Mine was decent. The crushing weight of inexplicable depression has recently been lifted from me. However, I’ve realized that in the absence of depression I feel, quite literally, nothing. I’m emotionally numb! Happiness is something of a phantom limb for me. Or perhaps there’s a portion of my brain missing and I still sense it’s ghostly presence. The Phantom of the Dopamine.

Anyway – Expect a more interesting post than this next time. Perhaps tomorrow. (No promises, Noah!)

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