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The Curious Disappearance of Judith McNaught: What Happened to ‘The Sweetest Thing’?

Why would any publisher fail to bring this romance author, one of the first to ever receive a multi-million dollar contract, back into the light?

The Glazed Badge of Courage: How JK! Studios’ Risky Freelancers Delivered a Ridiculous, Delicious Pilot

March 28th welcomed the premiere episode of JK! Studios’ first full-length series, ‘Freelancers.’ It’s fast-paced, family friendly, fully available on YouTube. I love it. And so will you.

#DruggedbyDELON -The Addictive French Icon

Alain Delon is alive and well on Instagram feeds. Film’s most beautiful man is ready to die, but his millennial fans won’t allow it. With the killer good looks of his youth, iconic performances, and a fanbase nearly 50,000 strong, Instagrammers can’t get enough.


An Evening of Stephen Sondheim & Andrew Lloyd Webber

Whether you are a musical veteran or a novice looking for “A Little Night Music”, Pacific Symphony once again provides a delightful program.

Pacific Symphony’s ‘Café Ludwig’

In a small theatre on the coast of California, four incomparable musicians sent me back in time. Back several hundred years, to the days of music salon afternoons and intime soirée nights.

Foil Arms and Hog in L.A.

It was a literal laugh riot. Foil Arms and Hog are raising a comedic army in America.

Into the Woods at the Hollywood Bowl

No princely defense is necessary. This production of Into the Woods has everything promised and an extra dash of hilly Hollywood magic. 

Film Summaries

The Strangest Films I’ve Ever Seen: Last Year at Marienbad (1961)

Get ready for the Modern Art version of “The Song That Never Ends”.

It Happened One Night. 85 Years Ago.

Clark Gable undressing? Yes, it has that. But also much more. There’s charm and laughter, wit and nuance, with little feminist-Marxist cherries on top. 

The Strangest Films I’ve Ever Seen: The Ruling Class (1972)

It’s the classic anarchical satire. And by classic, I mean ‘not classic at all and in fact totally bonkers’.

Gaslight and the Horror of Emotional Abuse

Really, it’s a lot more than one person saying, “You’re crazy,” to the other. It’s a slowly mounting, incredibly powerful form of emotional abuse. And society may have let it by the wayside, if it hadn’t have been for one remarkable film.


Let’s Settle the Great Darcy Debate: Colin Firth v. Matthew Macfadyen

Twitter has been ablaze with the great debate about who did ‘Darcy’ better, Colin Firth or Matthew Macfadyen? While the arguments rage on, they have yet to turn to the authority on Darcy-ology for confirmation… It’s me. I’m the authority.

IMDb’s ‘You’re Not a Monster’ is Here for Your Halloween Health

Are you a horror fan who needs a quick pre-Halloween binger? Lucky for you, IMDb has premiered its first original series; Frank Lesser’s star-studded ‘You’re Not a Monster’ slaughters all stereotypes.

Gary Gulman’s New HBO Special May Save Your Life

‘Gary Gulman: The Great Depresh’, part documentary, part standup about Gary’s sensitive boyhood, medications that rhyme, and electroconvulsive therapy, is a public service and a confession that epitomizes the phrase: “It’s funny ’cause it’s true.”

30th Anniversary Celebration of Andrew Lloyd Webber’s ‘Aspects of Love’

Aspects of Love tells the story of several intertwining and strangely moving romances, all of them tender and turbulent enough to warrant violins and constant song.

‘Saved by the Bell’ reboot is coming to NBC’s new streaming service

The ‘Saved by the Bell’ reboot will feature Zack Morris as the governor of CaliforniaThe ‘Saved by the Bell’ reboot will feature Zack Morris as the governor of California and Mario Lopez and Elizabeth Berkley are returning and handling production.

A Future Without Footage: Generations Denied Kate Bush Live

…in a crime against theatre and education alike, the promised DVD was never released. I’m sure Ms Bush has her reasons for withholding Before the Dawn. Much as I love her and her reasons, I intend to argue against them.

The Best Kept Secret in Hollywood: Secret Movie Club

This society for film lovers has sprouted in Downtown LA and is cultivating a totally engaged, thrillingly responsive audience with their screenings of rare films, classics, and movies that are just plain awesome.

Neil Diamond’s Biographical Musical Will Save the World

Neil Diamond’s flown gallantly across your stage, your television, your movie screen, and probably your heart. Now he’s coming in for a heroic landing on the Great White Way, in a newly announced biographical musical.

Will Julie Andrews Save the Bridgertons Netflix Series?

I don’t want to see a great series of historical romance novels become an over-stylized piece of drama extreme, but, that’s exactly how this newly announced adaptation has been described.

Confessions of a Teen’s Idol: When a Girl Loves a Rex Smith

Readers, meet Rex. Former ’16 Magazine’ hunk, rocker, actor, broadway and operatic star. ‘Confessions of a Teen Idol’ is where he shares surprising and remarkable anecdotes from his forty-some years in show business, shows footage from his archives, and sings the roof off.

PHANTOM: The OG Indie Artist

They call him O.G. But O.G. doesn’t only stand for “Opera Ghost”. It means ‘original’. Foundational. And the Phantom of the Opera is is the O.G. indie artist.

How to Renounce the World By Joining a Retail Cult

Some renounce the world through their art. Others through riots and revolts. And some simply cut all ties with the world and try to live in a retail store.

The Miss Crane Mutiny: A Feminine Speculation on the Announced ‘Frasier’ Reboot

The return of the Cranes has been rumored for the past several months, with Grammer all but confirming it; will the discordant father-son relationship be explored once again in this new series?

Snaps to Kate Bush – A Poetic Overview of “How to Be Invisible”

“How to Be Invisible” is an alternative anthology of lyrics presented in the way they were meant to be read and analyzed, written by musical artist and all-around goddess…Kate Bush.

Kate Bush: Alpha and O-Megastar

One artist dared to fight the burgeoning tide of girl power and become both a queen and a king and she did it by reaching beyond her own inspirational sphere, writing songs from the minds of anyone — everyone.

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