“Unsent message to my Ex, who doesn’t want eyes on his paper”

It’s 2am. Let’s strive to find a bit of poetry in this “Message to my Ex,” one that I coined in the notes on my phone. I’ll never send it. I’d much rather show it to you.

“A Novel Deposition”

Written as I reflected on the disaster that is my minimalistic love life. I thought to myself, why did I read all that romance? I screwed myself up in the head. I was too easily drawn into what you might term ‘consent’. But what is consent when men use persuasion to attain it? Who’s to say Mr. Darcy and Heathcliff didn’t use that look to bring Lizzy and Cathy around? Thus this poem was born.

“Le suicide”

Inspired by the 1967 film Diabolically Yours or Diaboliquement votre, starring the sexy Alain Delon. Following a bout of amnesia, Delon’s character is being conditioned by the woman who says she’s his wife. Soon he’s begging for sex, swimming in greed, and contemplating suicide.

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